Past Articles

  1. Styled to a ‘B’

    BBStylish – attractive, customisable BBEdit Preview CSS

  2. Welcome, Number Thirteen

    There’s nothing unlucky about BBEdit 13

  3. Madness Meets Modernity

    Options for using old Movable Type today

  4. Fizsh

    Fishy zishy

  5. Customising DuckDuckGo

    Making search match

  6. The Near Past

    Producing a ‘Recent Articles’ block with Movable Type

  7. Hannon’s Earworms

    Musical infection from The Divine Comedy

  8. Two Steps Forward

    Only a small step back

  9. Long Live the Open Web

    A little or a lot, just blog

  10. Revelations

    LaunchBar offers a peek inside the parcel

  11. Summon and Send

    LaunchBar packs, posts and delivers

  12. The Non-Optional Option

    I am a key curmudgeon

  13. Feed Identity

    Elegant unique identifiers for syndication feeds

  14. Launching with LaunchBar

    It really is more than just a launcher

  15. The Curves of Pitch

    A beautiful monospaced typeface

  16. Custom Markdown Previews in BBEdit

    Make BBEdit’s Preview window look like your site

  17. Sounds Disappointing

    Hoping for a better BBC Sounds

  18. Goodbye to the Gallimaufry

    New music tracking with Numu

  19. Music to My Ears

    Keeping up with new music using Apple Music

  20. Music, Radio…Podcasts?

    Were it BBC Smells, this would stink

  21. Opening Links in BBEdit

    Little conveniences add up

  22. Still Exceptional

    A brief love letter to BBEdit

  23. Busman’s Holiday

    Watching people learn as entertainment

  24. Movable Type 7

    It’s still Movable Type, but…

  25. It’s me, MT

    Ryan, it’s me, MT, I’ve come home

  26. Return to Koholint Island

    I hear the call of the Windfish

  27. Technically Enough

    Putting aside the technology news podcasts

  28. Call Me a Curio

    On ‘The Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry’

  29. Gentille Pigeonette

    A new typeface by Ro Hernández

  30. Building a Book

    Introducing ‘Build Your OmniFocus Workflow’

  31. Butterfly Guilt

    Sometimes it’s the small things

  32. Returned from the Wilds

    NetNewsWire is back

  33. OmniFocus 3

    OmniFocus has even more focus: a review

  34. Castro 3

    A review of my favourite podcast player