Technically Enough

Putting aside the technology news podcasts

I’ve had my fill of most tech podcasts. The reason for this lies somewhere between my apathy for most tech news and with the podcasts themselves.

For the podcasts, some suffer from having good and interesting content interrupted by one of the three hosts’ harsh opinions. Others can be praised for being ‘international’ but what value that might bring is let down by the childish japes of the hosts. I understand that people want to be entertained and that some want a standard-bearer. Such programmes are just not my style.

You’d think, then, that I’d at least be more interested in those podcasts featuring venerable and upstanding journalists, and you’d be right. Mostly. One such programme is worth listening to on occasion, so long as you don’t mind some occasional japery. Another, more infrequent, programme is perhaps the only one that I listen to regularly. In fact its infrequency probably appeals to me.

Ultimately, tech news is like most other news to me – unimportant. I’d much rather fill my boots with boring stuff, interesting women and interesting conversations, history, language, linguistics and humour. And, of course guilty pleasures.

10 February 2019