The Design That Lived

The ‘viburnum’ is here

Well, finally. This is, as far as I can discern, version five of this web site. And, after taking about a year to complete, it is done to my liking. For the most part.


Did you not see that fourth-generation mutant green blob nightmare?

My primary objective, after deciding to get rid of a little of the green, was simplicity. This is what ultimately cost me the most time: how to fit the heading, article, comments and navigation on a page and keep it simple? So, in the end, I removed the heading and hid away the navigation and comments.

I also got rid of the traditional home page with several articles splayed across it. Instead, a small list of the last three articles is presented. Incidentally, I tried making the home page just the latest article, but I couldn’t get TextPattern to co-operate fully with this plan, but no matter, I prefer what I can up with later.

Navigation is also far simpler than before, being limited to simple next and previous controls. However, despite its simplicity, it’s not completely functional. As of now there is no way to search for an article or to see other articles in the same category. If you ever wanted to do that. This functionality will eventually be implemented. (Ha, eventually.)

Browser Support

As far as I know this will appear nicely in all modern, well-behaved browsers. This, unsurprisingly, includes Internet Explorer 6. Also unsurprising: I don’t care. As for IE 7, I still don’t know and still don’t fucking care. It does, at least, sort of show up on the screen. I may consider writing a little browser detection bit so that the comments and navigation will be visible, but I really don’t care enough.


Yes, TextPattern. Again. In the end, I decided that I really did like it after excising Textile and replacing it with Markdown via PHP Markdown (merci, Michel!). The other things I look at (like fucking WordPress) just couldn’t satisfy me or were too weird to deal with (Symphony, sadly).

31 July 2006