Strings Strummed

Finding creativity and rediscovering GarageBand

I haven’t used GarageBand since it was released in 2004. Not for any particular reason, mind. I’ve never been much of a music maker, so I didn’t have any occasion to use it. Clearing out my iPad last night, I realised I still had the app installed. Bored, I opened it to have a look around. I’m glad I did.

I was immediately taken by the magic and pleasure you get from playing an instrument, and I was surprised at how good – realistic – the instruments sound. You can download even more, including some really fun ones like toy instruments.

After spending a fair amount of time playing instruments I found the loops and lost myself completely. It was so easy to start building music that sounded great with no effort. I was able to just ‘get in the zone’ and be creative. It was a lot of fun, and .

I’ve been struggling with creativity for the past few months. Lots of factors have contributed to this – not least of all my job change – but a bevy life and lifestyle changes, too. Some of the creative spirit has returned the past couple of weeks, and making music last night resonated deeply. It’s time to blow out some of the cobwebs.