Butterfly Guilt

Sometimes it’s the small things

A typhoon passed through today. By all accounts it’s the strongest since the ‘90s. I can say certainly it was the strongest I’ve ever experienced.

All has not passed here without damage and losses, however. Notably two containers holding some much loved asarina, or climbing snapdragon plants. All uprooted with their netting ripped from the rafters.

Twisted up in a mess, they appeared to be non-salvageable. They were old and tired plants, a bit worn from a very hot July. Still, the heart distresses.

Doing some perfunctory tidying up, despite the wind: a butterfly.

My heart sinks.

Of course I can’t be certain, but I expect it was seeking those little purple flowers that, until today, provided some nourishment.

Emotions are peculiar things. I’m still feeling guilty.

4 September 2018