Hannon’s Earworms

Musical infection from The Divine Comedy

Last week The Divine Comedy, the band made up of Neil Hannon and company, released a new album entitled ‘Office Politics’. I compliment it to say that it is a completely typical example of a Divine Comedy album.

It seems that Hannon has sold his soul for the ability to create endless perfect earworms. I curse him when one of his tunes floats back into my head. (But only a little.)

The two songs that are most often popping up for me are the single, ‘Norman and Norma’ and ‘Philip and Steve’s Furniture Removal Company’. The lyrics of the latter are just those six words, repeated. The notes the words are sung to, though, are infectious.

I can’t stop listening to it, both by choice and by having it foisted upon me by my brain. If you listen, do so with my warning. And approval.

11 June 2019