The Curves of Pitch

A beautiful monospaced typeface

I needed a monospaced typeface for a few bits of text in an article I recently published. I could no longer resist. At last, the day when I could justify buying a licence for Kris Sowersby’s gorgeous Pitch typeface had come.

I’m a sucker for practically any slab serif face, seduced by ball terminals and blocky square serifs. Pitch doesn’t disappoint. Admire how the r and its elongated shoulder reaches out ending in a curled fist-like ball. From the italic, the balance of the f and hypnotic wave of the z transport me to some mad typographic heaven. Though the twenty-sixth letter is tough competition, the humble g is perhaps my favourite. Its double-storey curves could entertain my eyes for far longer than one might expect.

You can admire these letters in all their glory using the specimen I generated on the Klim site.

9 April 2019