Linked: Armin Briegel’s ‘Moving to zsh’

If you spend any time at the command line, it’s worth spending time to learn how it works, and customising it to help you work faster.

Now is the perfect time to do that, as Mac OS begins the transition to using the Z Shell (zsh) as the default shell. Though the zsh documentation is plentiful, it’s technical and dense – I wouldn’t suggest anyone read it except as a reference.

Armin Briegel’s Moving to zsh on the other hand is completely readable. He does a wonderful job of scaffolding, easing the reader into understanding a shell’s job before getting in too deep.

The chapter on customising zsh is what shines. It’s overflowing with good information – you are certain to find several features that would be useful. This information provided is enhanced with lots of examples, recommendations and advice for working with zsh.

At US$10 (available on Apple Books), it’s a thoroughly inexpensive addition to your reading for the winter holidays.