Linked: Adding disappointment

I have recently become interested in the IndieWeb effort. The belief that we should own our content and be in control of it resonates with me.

I can’t yet bring myself to mar my HTML with microformat declarations. For no good reason, I did add my site to the IndieWeb web ring, though.

The project was created by Marty McGuire during the IndieWeb Summit in 2018. The web ring concept is charming and feels like the internet of the 90s. That retro feeling is quickly balanced by a domain made of emoji characters. It’s almost painfully modern, being impractical to type.

Each site in the web ring directory is given an randomly-generated emoji identifier. I can’t help thinking that mine, ➕😞📭, with the prominent ‘disappointed face’ emoji, is appropriate.

Links to the next and previous sites from mine in the web ring are available in the page footer.