Linked: New Hoefler&Co. website

The famed Hoefler&Co have a new modern web site. It looks good, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

The individual typeface pages have been made much more useful. An overview page displays a wide array of specimens featuring multiple weights, sizes and lengths of text.

Even better, though, are the ‘How to Use’ pages (like this one for Sentinel). All sorts of advice is given, like what font sizes fit each weight, how to create emphasis and texture, and how to use any special characters in the fonts.

There are also better tools for choosing a typeface. The ‘Fonts’ menu guides the user to collections based on style, proportion, sizes and uses. This really helps to narrow down your selection before getting started, and getting overwhelmed with options.

One of the finest touches to the new site is the new ‘Meet Hoefler&Co’ page. There they celebrate that their company is made up of people. Notably, the biographies for the typeface designers reveal some of the faces they’ve worked on. After some of the unpleasantness of the past, this is nice to see.