Hello, I’m Ryan Dotson. I’m currently seeking employment as a documentation/technical writer or in a customer support role.

I am the author of this site, co-author of Build Your OmniFocus Workflow and contributor to the NetNewsWire 5 project.

Writing Samples

Build Your OmniFocus Workflow

This book was written partly in response to years of helping people understand how OmniFocus works, and how best to use it, on the Omni Group forums and Reddit. I wanted it to be a user’s user guide for an application I love.

NetNewsWire Documentation

I have written a large portion of the help book for the open-source Mac app, NetNewsWire 5. Two exemplary pages:


Curriculum Vitae

For additional information about my abilities and work history, please consult my CV/Résumé. Through ten years of teaching, I’ve refined my ability to communicate effectively with people of varied ages and levels of experience.

Contact Information

I can be reached via e-mail at rd@nostodnayr.net. Please contact me for my phone number, or my FaceTime and Skype usernames.

Thank you for your consideration.